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Episode 1

In this episode we speak to gravel ‘newbie’ Amy Hudson and find out that her wealth of knowledge and experience goes far beyond the km’s of gravel she has ridden!

We also look at some of the history of the event and offer some hints as to what’s coming next from the organising team!

Episode 2

We are very honoured in this episode to chat with Jeff Zell the ‘Global Go To Guy’ for all things Panaracer. Jeff has taken time out of his busy schedule to join us to talk about all things tyres.

We will delve into some tyre tech talk, look at tyre development as well as chat about pressure, tread, tyre width, volume, weight……..all those things we get asked regularly on the various forums or via email!

Episode 3

In this episode we hop across the Atlantic to talk to Wahoo Ambassador Ian Boswell, ex World Tour Rider and 2021 winner of Unbound Gravel. We chat about US gravel events, what it takes to win and get some great insights into Ian’s event prep.

We also reflect on our recce of this years route and the trails as well as start to outline some of the things to look forward to at this years event in Kielder

Episode 4

In the final run in to the 2024 Panaracer Dirty Reiver we chat about your pre-event preparations, give some insights into what is available on course and what riders should be carrying.

This is the perfect episode for the weekend before the event or to enjoy on the drive!

We also chat to Stu Bowers who heads up SRAM’s North Europe Partnerships. Stu has been around bikes for many, many years and has worn a number of hats including as top rider and within the industry. A regular top finisher across a number of cycling disciplines Stu is well placed to pass on some great tips on how to keep yourself rolling on those long gravel roads.