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The Panaracer Dirty Reiver is not a race and has no podium or prizes. Results are not shown by time or category though riders may wish to download the results to make their own comparisons with friends.

Focal Events acknowledges that riders ‘self select’ their rider categories when they enter. As the event is not a race, and does not fall under the guidance of a governing body, we are not able to monitor these categories. In order for us to cater for all riders we have the following:

Geared Bikes


Adaptive Cycles



Open – for anyone who does not wish to identify with any of the gender categories above

We rely on riders to ensure that they check the correct boxes at the point of entry. Anyone who wishes to make changes can do so through the entry system or by contacting us via email.

Results for 2024 are here. Please get in touch if you have any queries on distances etc. As this is not a race they are displayed alphabetically.

2023 results are available here

Results from previous years will be available shortly.